OMG. We Bought A House.

Welp, no more moving every year for me. We are officially home owners. Sure I wanted to convert a van or build a tiny house, but sadly TN doesn’t allow those as permanent living areas right now. Maybe one day.

Our house is cute and tiny and literally everything I could ever want. Huge fenced inĀ  yard for puppies and my own garden. It came with a clothes line in the back plus an adorable shed. (So I’m mainly in love with backyard).

It’s literally a short bike ride to the local farmers market, a 25 minute drive to the bigger city farmers market, and they have a huge recycling facility like 2 miles away. It’s perfect in every way.

This also allows me to be able to make as many Zero Waste updates as possible. No more wondering if my neighbors will get upset, or if the landlord will allow it. I can literally do whatever I want. The choices are endless.

Updates to come soon.

Enjoy this picture of my clothes line and adorable shed!052.JPG