Things in jars.

Hello Beautiful Earth Loving Mermaids!

I want to talk about something. That something is salads. Not just any normal salad, but salad in jars. I recently started making these for lunches at work, and let me tell you I love them. They’re so easy, they save so much money, PLUS no dumb plastic. I’m so upset that I haven’t started making these before. What was I even thinking? Now my next challenge is trying to figure out how to get other meals in jars. We can do like sushi in a jar, cheeseburgers in a jar, maybe tacos in a jar. The possibility are endless.

Here’s a lovely photo of what my salads in a jar look like. (This is after I shook it up, I forgot to take one before. I just get so excited. The shaking is so fun.)


So the layout is pretty simple. First you want to add you dressings. Vinaigrette’s work best, but I also use different dressing. Whatever you’re in the mood for. Next step is you want to add NON-ABSORBENT vegetables/items. This is so your lettuce and other food items don’t get all soggy and gross. I usually use cucumbers because they’re my favorite on salads, but others have used asparagus. Just do a quick google search of non-absorbent vegetables. There’s a bunch of options. Next you put other vegetables, then proteins (like eggs, cheese, meats, or beans). Finally your greens. I then top it off with fried onions, but that’s my liking.

The Anatomy of a Make Ahead Mason Jar Salad |

Here’s a fun picture summing it up. Remember it, love it, live by it. Love and live by the salad in a jar. It’s the best thing pinterest has to offer. By far my favorite lunch.

What’s some other things you put in jars for meals? Let’s talk about it.

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