Things in jars.

Hello Beautiful Earth Loving Mermaids!

I want to talk about something. That something is salads. Not just any normal salad, but salad in jars. I recently started making these for lunches at work, and let me tell you I love them. They’re so easy, they save so much money, PLUS no dumb plastic. I’m so upset that I haven’t started making these before. What was I even thinking? Now my next challenge is trying to figure out how to get other meals in jars. We can do like sushi in a jar, cheeseburgers in a jar, maybe tacos in a jar. The possibility are endless.

Here’s a lovely photo of what my salads in a jar look like. (This is after I shook it up, I forgot to take one before. I just get so excited. The shaking is so fun.)


So the layout is pretty simple. First you want to add you dressings. Vinaigrette’s work best, but I also use different dressing. Whatever you’re in the mood for. Next step is you want to add NON-ABSORBENT vegetables/items. This is so your lettuce and other food items don’t get all soggy and gross. I usually use cucumbers because they’re my favorite on salads, but others have used asparagus. Just do a quick google search of non-absorbent vegetables. There’s a bunch of options. Next you put other vegetables, then proteins (like eggs, cheese, meats, or beans). Finally your greens. I then top it off with fried onions, but that’s my liking.

The Anatomy of a Make Ahead Mason Jar Salad |

Here’s a fun picture summing it up. Remember it, love it, live by it. Love and live by the salad in a jar. It’s the best thing pinterest has to offer. By far my favorite lunch.

What’s some other things you put in jars for meals? Let’s talk about it.

Back to the Roots

Hello My Earth Loving Humans!

This Christmas I got my boyfriend a Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit. Now if you’re thinking “What in hell is a mushroom kit?” Don’t worry my confused friends. I’ll add a picture.

Organic Mushroom Farm


Cool huh? The idea of this particular item is having the ability to grow edible mushrooms in like 1-2 weeks, and it’s amazing. I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms but watching these things grow is fascinating. The box comes with two different sides, so after you harvest one side, you can go for the other. The instructions of incredibly easy to follow. I love this products and the good news is they have a bunch of different ones! They have a garden in cans, tomato plants in mason jars, water gardens, and they even have organic cereal (because why not).

I have no farming/plant knowledge but I managed to grow perfect little mushrooms, plus they are really fun. Makes me want to start a full garden once we finally get moved into our house.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone, a new hobby, or just want to try growing your own food and have no idea where to start, get something from Back to the Roots. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Unfortunately, we harvested them before I could take a picture of my cute little mushrooms. But lucky for us, we have a whole other side. So there’ll be another post about my cute little shrooms in about 10 days.

No Plastic In 2018..hopefully.

Hello My Earth Loving Humans!

I have already failed at the posting every Wednesday thing for 2018 and we are literally only in the 2nd week of January. I’m killing the new year already.

For Michelle news! I got a dope ass camera for Christmas. (not second hand so some dumb plastic but not as much as I was expecting, plus I’ve been wanting it for like ever so I think I get a pass) What dope presents did you get? Zero Waste or not, I want to hear it. This blog is like Planet Fitness, a judgement free zone.

For Zero Waste news, my family loved their Zero Waste intro bags! So there’s more people who are helping with our plastic problems. Also, sometime soon I plan on trying to make bread from scratch (pray for me). I’ll post instructions plus pictures and the final products, so stay tuned.

Yepp, just a post saying I’ll try harder. Big things are happening so stay with me!

Happy New Years! Love you!