Can One Eat Meat Zero Waste?

Hello, My Beautiful Earth Loving Humans!

I’ve been really failing at this whole “posting every Wednesday” thing, but it’s almost a new year, so that means I get to do the whole “new year new me” junk and try it again.

Today I want to talk about apparently the rareness of a zero waster who’s NOT a vegan/vegetarian . I’ve been thinking about becoming Pescaterian-someone who eats seafood but no other meat- but I haven’t 100% made up my mind plus I want my boyfriend to decide to cut his meat consumption on his own. The whole controlling another human being isn’t really my thing but I do make suggestions.  I want to bring this up because one of my main waste causers while grocery shopping is the meat section. I ask butchers if they can put it in a jar I have for meats, I have separate ones for separate meats, (one for seafood, one for beef, one for pork etc etc). A lot of butchers look at me funny and say it’s against health code. I know this is not true for I used to date someone who worked in the meat department I asked him, plus I googled it. I’ve had more luck at local grocery stores than at chain stores.

I wish that meat eating zero wasters were more accepted in zero waste communities, and I wish it was easier to be one in the zero waste life style.

What are your thoughts about this?

2 thoughts on “Can One Eat Meat Zero Waste?

  1. I can totally relate! I’m an ex-vegan who is now a meat eater and also on the path towards zero waste. You’re right, most zero-wasters are vegetarian or vegan, but definitely not all. I try to choose fish over red meat, but I’d love to reduce my meat intake once again. My current problem is that no matter how many lentils, beans or eggs I eat, eating vegetarian 100% of the time seems to leave me feeling really hungry.


    • Yes! I’ve tried eating a vegetarian diet but I was also hungry, so I was cranky and I also just felt bad. Fish is the main “meat” I eat too! I’m so glad I’m no alone on this. I just wish some zero wasters didn’t act like the only way to live a zero waste life style you have to be a vegan.

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