Can One Eat Meat Zero Waste?

Hello, My Beautiful Earth Loving Humans!

I’ve been really failing at this whole “posting every Wednesday” thing, but it’s almost a new year, so that means I get to do the whole “new year new me” junk and try it again.

Today I want to talk about apparently the rareness of a zero waster who’s NOT a vegan/vegetarian . I’ve been thinking about becoming Pescaterian-someone who eats seafood but no other meat- but I haven’t 100% made up my mind plus I want my boyfriend to decide to cut his meat consumption on his own. The whole controlling another human being isn’t really my thing but I do make suggestions.  I want to bring this up because one of my main waste causers while grocery shopping is the meat section. I ask butchers if they can put it in a jar I have for meats, I have separate ones for separate meats, (one for seafood, one for beef, one for pork etc etc). A lot of butchers look at me funny and say it’s against health code. I know this is not true for I used to date someone who worked in the meat department I asked him, plus I googled it. I’ve had more luck at local grocery stores than at chain stores.

I wish that meat eating zero wasters were more accepted in zero waste communities, and I wish it was easier to be one in the zero waste life style.

What are your thoughts about this?

My Christmas Plans!

Happy Holidays My Beautiful Earth Loving Humans!

As we all know the holidays are arriving and it’s probably one of the biggest waste causers out there. There’s decorations, gift wrap, one-use single serve dinner platters, most family dinners serve plastic silverware, all the toys and gifts that’ll be used twice and forgotten about, plus not to mention all the shopping for gits and toys that come in so much plastic that we end up putting in another plastic bag, So as you can tell, tons of waste and useless plastic.

My biggest issue is always gift giving. I love giving gifts but the problem is, every thing that people ask for are usually covered in tons of waste, SO for this Christmas I’m making Zero Waste Intro Bags! These are for my friends and family that have expressed interest in the Zero Waste life. So I’m gonna list all of the things I plan on putting in there, I’ll make an updated post when I actually get everything together.

First thing is the the first Zero Waste product I bought! A bamboo toothbrush! I have ordered these from (Like most of the items on this list) I love this brand of toothbrush and I mean everyone needs a toothbrush.

Bamboo Toothbrush – Adult

Next item is another dental health necessity, refillable dental floss (again bought at I actually haven’t tried these yet but I’ve read great reviews on them (so I bought myself one as well). My friends and family will have great dental health but will be producing no waste.

Refillable Dental Floss

Refillable Dental Floss

Next item is something I deem is the easiest and one of the most useful swaps out there, a bamboo straw! When I first started using my own straw, I had a pack of the Starbucks usable cold cup straws (which I still have) but once I bought these I fell in love. So I got each person their own bamboo straw. I haven’t tried metal straws yet, but I kind of love the looks of these so I just bought these for them.

Bamboo Drinking Straw

Another super easy swap is the produce bags. I absolutely hate the plastic produce bags that the grocery store gives you and I used to just not use them which made my produce buying kind of small. Now that I have produce bags, I’ve been able to buy all of the produce.  (Again got them at BUT you can literally buy these anywhere, like anywhere.)

Drawstring Produce Bag Cotton Large

Now if you known ANYTHING about me, it’s that I am totally in love with Lush. Every product I have tried from there I become obsessed with.  So I had to put some love from Lush in here.  I only bought these items for my sisters, just because I know how they like their hair and what their hair type is, BUT for the others I got them gift cards so they can go get their own.

First I got the round tin. I use this for my Shampoo Bar and I love it. It’s easy to just throw in your bag when you’re traveling (which I do a lot) and once it’s empty you just wash it out and go to Lush and get another one. Easy peasy.  And for the actual shampoo bar I got, I got them the “Honey I Washed My Hair”. This was the first shampoo bar I bought. It’s probably one of my most favorite things I bought there. The scent lasts FOREVER. (I know you the Copperhead bar, it has henna and coffee grounds in it which helps with red hair, but I go back and forth between these two). So yeah, if you buy ANYTHING from this list. Buy this.

Round TinHoney I Washed My Hair

Again we’re going to dental health, (its a very important thing, so I’m always gonna be talking about it). I love my toothy tabs. I personally use Limelight and Bling, but they have strange non-traditional flavors so for these bags I just got them the basic mint ones. (I did get my sisters a sample of the Boom tabs, they have charcoal in it, and it makes your mouth all black, kind of cool but not for everyone.)


Another thing is reusable coffee cups! I just went to my local Starbucks and asked for the reusable coffee cups they have in the back. They’re like $2 and only come in grande size but no one REALLY needs any size bigger. My friends and family (like most humans now) are in love with Starbucks so this one was a pretty basic thing I had to get them. Plus Starbucks will give you a 10 cent discount if you bring your own cup. Save the environment and some money. Its a win/win. I don’t have a link for this but you literally just have to walk in (or drive thru) and ask for the reusable coffee cups. That’s all.

Image result for starbucks reusable cup

I also included one mason jar (instructions on how to bulk shop) and its all packed in a reusable shopping bag. I love these gifts. I was going to include deodorant bars/cream but I feel like that’s a decision that they need to make since there are different strengths and I don’t really know how much they sweat and junk.

What gifts are you planning on giving this Zero Waste Christmas?