No Straw November

I saw a video about someone going around having people sign a form saying that for the entire month of November they would say no to straws whenever they would go out. I thought it was an amazing idea so I did it for mine. I got everyone in my department to agree (I also added disposable coffee cups cause we go through a lot of those). This morning I came in and pretty much everyone had brought their own coffee cups. I’ve never been more proud.

I feel like there should be a month for everything, like No Straw November, Choose to Refuse July, Bring Your Sack March. (Okay I made the last one up but you see where I’m going with this)

That’s my zero waste update! What’s yours?


Boring Post from a Boring Life.

I just realized that WordPress has an app, which is a game changing. Excited for blogging on the go!

In Michelle news, I got my old job at the Zoo back which is a huge relief for my wallet and for my mental health. More money and peaceful mind: it was amazing to me how much waste Starbucks just threw out. They had good ideas but no one really did it, which sucks.

In Zero Waste news: I didn’t make it to the Farmers Market on Saturday last week, so we’re gonna try again this week. I did contact a dairy farmer that I found out offered glass bottles milk and asked if they usually set up there and they do, which is exciting! Not much to report this week, but wanted to keep my promise of posting every week so I can officially say I did it.

Talk to ya next week!

Gotta Love Being Naked.

So I kind of already failed my new pledge, but it’s just a day behind so who cares.

So if you’re a Zero Waste wanna be like me and you haven’t tried Lush yet, you’re a fool. Lush has always been a favorite of mine, but since finding the Zero Waste lifestyle Lush has been a savior. They offer a huge line of Naked products, (products that have no wrapping) and everything I have tried I have loved. Shampoo bars, conditioner bars, deodorant, toothy tabs, and henna hair dye are the products I have fallen for, but that’s not what is so exciting. I have just discovered that Lush is now offering their body conditioners,  shower gel, and lip tints ALL naked! So basically the more Naked products Lush releases the broker I become, but I’m not even mad. Lush you just keep releasing naked items and I’ll keep buying.

In Nashville news, I finally went to our farmer’s market today. Since it was a Thursday a lot of farmers weren’t there but I already fell in love with it. I’ll try again on Saturday and hopefully it will raise my hope that living a zero waste life in Nashville, is actually possible.

What’s your favorite Lush items?

See you next week loves!