Let’s Hope August is Better.

So Plastic-Free July is all done but that doesn’t mean my plastic free journey is even close to being done. The last week or so of July was harder than expected. I got hit with bad news from school so most of my money went into savings so I can finish my degree. We got news that we were moving again in October. I was just a lot all at once. I planned on buying produce bags and try out more DIYs but I just couldn’t. I just wanted to give up. I though that I was never going to be fully zero waste so why bother? I had a low period and honestly I’m just now recovering.

So here goes to my own personal challenge of Plastic Free August, since in the midst of my breakdown I bought ice-cream and fast food, my trash jar for July was quite full. Thanks for letting me vent to you guys.

How did your July go? Any pictures of your trash jars?  I would love to see!