Laundry Day

I finally did it.

I finally actually made something zero waste, and I’m so proud of myself.

I made DIY Laundry Pods. I have seen a bunch of laundry diys but I’ve always liked the pods. You know in the “before” times. So I lucked out when I came across a tutorial for actual pods!

All you need is washing soda, distilled white vinegar, and a pure castile soap bar.  That’s it. I used a scented castile bar so save on essential oils, but you can do what you please.

Grate the bar into tiny pieces, add 2 1/2 cups of washing soda, and 1 cup of vinegar. Mix it all up and put the final product into an ice cube tray. Dry overnight and store in an airtight container. There you have it. Easy Peasey.

I made about 48 pods and once those are out all I need to buy again is the bar, which is only about 2.50 at my local health store. Save all the money and all the plastic.

Mid-July Check-In

So far the Plastic Free July challenge, has been just that. A challenge. I never knew how hard it was to refuse disposable plastics until I started collecting it all and putting it in a jar. The first few days were pretty easy. I had a receipt or two, some fruit stickers, and a straw wrapper that my boyfriend used when he went to get a smoothie one day.

It’s been tough but I’m proud of myself every day that I don’t use plastic. It’s definitely a journey but one I’m happy to do.

How’s everyone else’s Plastic Free July going?

Plastic Free July!

So while browsing on Instagram I came across the “choose to refuse” challenge. Which is a challenge for every day in July you try to live plastic free.

Since I ultimately want to be 100% zero waste I thought I would take the challenge and see how I do.  I know being totally zero waste this month will be hard and I might fail a few days but it’s all about learning and growing, I even started my own trash jar for this month just so I can keep track of what exactly I am throwing away. And yes, I have another jar for my boyfriend, I want to know exactly who threw away what and what we need to get better at.

I am proud to say July 1st went excellent, I remembered to bring my reusable water bottle and coffee cup to work so I wasn’t tempted to grab a free coffee, and use a plastic cup. (I’m a barista, so fighting the urge to get a free coffee when I don’t have my coffee cup kind of proves to be impossible.)

For dinner I made shrimp asparagus stir-fry both being purchased with out plastic. So far so good.

I’m excited to see exactly how July goes for me. Wish me luck