Making the bestie out of festies.

This year is all about firsts for me, including my first music festival.

I loved every thing about it. The people, the vibe, the music (of course), even the weather was perfect. The only unperfect thing was all the plastic and trash left behind by the festival goers.

I planned for weeks to make sure that my boyfriend and I weren’t producing trash but obviously not everyone took the time to plan ahead. There was trash EVERYWHERE. I saw multiple people throw their empty beer can/bottles on the side of the road while walking to the festival. Like come on people. I figured I would post my top 3 things I packed just in case anyone else wanted to help with the trash problem at their next festival/concert.

  1. Reuseable water bottles
    • I feel like this one is the easiest on the most obvious one. Bottled water at events are usually insanely expensive. I think they were selling them for like $4 at the festival I went to. Most public events will have multiple water refill stations available around the grounds. So save money and the Earth and don’t forget this one.
  2. Bamboo silverware/container and metal straw.
    • Most places have food trucks/dining options. Which means A LOT of disposable silverware. Remembering to bring my own saved a lot of disposable plastic from being used and all the food trucks I visited had no problem just putting in my own food container, all I had to do was ask
  3. Canvas bag
    • You have to have something to carry everything around, but I made sure mine was big enough to carry any free goodies I acquired at the festival without the hassle of carrying everything. It was just nice to be able to throw everything in a bag and be done with it instead of worrying what I was going to do with it or having to walk all the way bag to my campsite.

These were just the main 3 things I found the most helpful while at the festival it self. I would like to add that the festival I went to offered a program where you signed up to pick up trash and once you had to full bag you turned it in for free merch. Which I though was really good way to save money on festival merch and help clean up the Earth.

I can’t wait to get better at Zero Waste and actually be 100% non waste by the time I go to another festival. It was an amazing learning experience and I can’t wait for my next one.